Philosophy of Everything

To be is to differ. (One true axiom of everything)

A thing is anything that is different.

An event is to differ in difference.

I am different to my difference, therefore I am.

I am different to a difference other than me, therefore it is.

If a thing is different to its own difference, then it is conscious.

Then I am conscious.

Entropy is the opposite of difference.

Action is an increase or decrease in difference.

Impact is an increase or decrease in difference on a thing.

Entropy of a closed system cannot decrease, since in order to create a difference in the part of the system, at least equal amount of difference needs to be sacrificed elsewhere. (Rephrase of Thermodynamics 2nd law).

Increasing difference in oneself is to grow.

If a thing can grow, it is alive.

Not growing is to decay.

Any thing that is not growing is decaying.

A system consists of more than one thing that when sum of all of the actions of those things creates a difference in every one of those things.

A thing can be part of finite number of systems.

Robustness is the indifference of a system towards an action.

Importance is the impact of a thing in a system.

Harmony is a state of a system where every important thing in the system is growing.