Haiku 2

I can grow, You trim

I can make you laugh, You cry

Then I grow and laugh.

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The bird flies great distances, and sees everything. He knows what makes him feel content, and flying makes him feel content more than anything. But he also has needs he can’t provide for himself, such as food, conversation, and rest. So he comes to rest on the branches of the sky-spanning tree. He converses with the other resting birds and the tree, and tells them tales of his journey. The birds suggest new locations to visit, and the tree provides fruits and shadow. The tree pulls nutrients all the way from the ground and processes them in a way the bird can benefit. The tree provides for many birds, but takes notice that all birds come to her exhausted. She figures the world is in dire need of more trees. But many of the birds that visit her are too weak for the same reason. She needs a bird which can fly great distances. So she entrusts the bird with her seed and sends him off. The tree knows that the bird has benefited from her, and he will take the seed wherever it is needed. Trees can’t fly, and it’s okay. The bird always knows he has a home in her. Birds can’t provide shadow, and it’s okay.

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