Life is a Harsh Reality

She reads a book, She knows the words.
She never asks, She won’t be heard.
She lives in it but She cannot see.
Life is a harsh reality.

She listens a song, She can speak
She may ask you one, two or three four things
She looks at it but She is blind.
Life is a harsh reality.

The birds show off, the birds speak.
All the birds live in harmony.
They know You, and They know Me,
All the birds live as We!

She looks around, she smells nice
She comes to eye as a nice surprise
She sees it but it doesn’t click!
That life is a harsh reality

When they speak he listens to them
He is such a quite young gentleman
He dares to ask, to all these girls
Is Life such a harsh reality?

They show off, and they speak!
They are living in a shitty dream!
They don’t know You, they don’t know Me!
They will never ever gonna be as We!

He wanders off, he wonders why?
The truth is there for a naked eye!
He knows what’s up, he deeply sighs:
Life is a harsh reality.

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