Purple Day

Time walks and we are three
Walking to my favorite tree
I ripped out all the browns
Now am I free?

Time flies and we are two
Police borrows my friend for a clue
I wait for all the blues
Now am I free?

Plane flies from purple and lands in organge
Red or Blue dominates my visage
I threw up in a trash can
And that’s how my purple day went.

Time stops and I am one
Seeing clear when out of sight
Close your eyes and everything is a plane
Power games always seemed a bit lame

Plane flies from orange to green
My love hides the blue from Eve
Adam trusted her that was his sin
and that’s how his purple day went

Taking notes for a friend
She doesn’t know my name
Master sat and start the game
Power games always seemed lame

It is nigth and moon settles
Behind the mountains,
City light are bright and sparse
and that’s how my purple night went.

Waking up alive inside my bed
There no green but alot of red
Look up to skies, and I see the white
And that’s how my purple day starts!

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